HoME of pREMIUM pRODUCE                                         


Red, Yellow, Orange

  • 11LB Carton

  • 11LB Display Ready

  • RPC

  • 25 LB Carton


  • 25LB Carton

RAINBOW (Red, Yellow, Orange)

  • 8x3 Pack (carton & RPC)

  • 4x6 Pack (carton & RPC)

STOPLIGHT (Red, Yellow, Green)

  • 8x3 Pack (carton & RPC)


If bell peppers had heads there'd be lamp shades on them.

Bell Peppers are the fun uncle of produce.  Bright, colorful and always delicious.  Add some life to your party and your produce section.  Red, Yellow, Orange and Green.  Bulk, Bags, Club Packs.  Your party, your decision.