HoME of pREMIUM pRODUCE                                         


"Sustainability"..."Being Green"..."ECO Friendly"..."social responsibility"


We call it doing the right thing


At Fresh Alliance we hold doors open for people, we say please and thank you, and we always try to do the right thing. 

We make decisions based on what's best for our customers, our consumers, the Fresh Alliance family, and good old Mother Earth!

Our recipe for growing is pretty simple.  Use what Mother Nature gives us and use it wisely.  We mix high quality seeds, clean water and plenty of sunshine to grow safe, flavorful produce year around.  Oh and don't forget the bees!  We let them do all the pollinating of the plants.  They really seem to like it...at least that's the buzz...  Maybe it's our humble upbringing or maybe we are just really great people (we'd like to think it's a little of both), either way, we work every day to run our business as efficiently as possible focusing on the following:

  • Water Conservation:  Our greenhouse operations use less water than conventional farming and wherever we are farming, we only use what we need and we always recycle what we can.

  • Alternate Pest Control:  We like to let nature do the dirty work. So whenever possible we let our "good bugs" keep the "bad bugs" in check. This is called "Integrated Pest Management" by us farming geeks and it means safer produce for you and your customers.

  • Safe Growing Practices:  All of our farms receive ongoing audits and must maintain current certifications from third party auditors such as the California Certified Organic Farmers, Primus Labs, and Scientific Certification Systems. 

  • ALWAYS Provide a Safe (and fun) Work Environment