HoME of pREMIUM pRODUCE                                         


A salesperson, a marketing manager, and a farmer walk into a bar...well, it was something like that.  In 2013 a small group of produce legends (in our own mind) came together to form Fresh Alliance.  Although our backgrounds are somewhat diverse, we have a common goal.  To provide our customers with safe, flavorful, quality produce year around.  We strive to provide the products you want, the service you deserve, and to always deliver value.  We are grower/shippers committed to quality.  We grow a full line and offer you the best of both greenhouse and field grown tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, and limes.  Take a look at our products and let us know how we can help you.  


We are young (ok, maybe just young at heart) and energetic (most days...def not on Monday mornings, but yeah, most days...energetic...given enough coffee) and all have solid produce backgrounds in both growing and marketing fresh produce.  We have a fun group and we actually enjoy being around each other. I know, weird, right.



We like smart, nice, and hard working people (so please let us know if you find any).  We encourage ideas (except for the really dumb ones) and abhor petty politics and red tape.  Although we are all about the plan, when it's crunch time, we all do whatever needs to be done to consistently deliver the best produce to YOU every day.  We are firm believers in "I've got ya back, foo!"  And we embrace the "Work Hard" ethic but when our work is done we also embrace the "Play Hard" ethic.  Hey, life's all about the balance.  

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